Join your friends

Master your skills

Overcome your Rivals

Experience the first genuine Driving & Shooting game.

A new genre of team-based online multiplayer game where both driving and shooting skills are equally important.

You’ve never driven vehicles like these!


Play solo or with friends

Gorgeous arenas await in an awesome campaign to play solo or with friends. Build your team and fight to claim victory.

Complete missions, win tournaments or battle against the IA Pilots. You will have endless chances to overcome your Rivals.

Master your skills

Use the new signature Hover mechanic to perform spectacular loops and crazy maneuvers to chase and escape your Rivals. Every vehicle drives differently; every class has its own strategy. Master them all.

Drive. Shoot. Outplay.

Do it your way

Choose within an initial rooster of 12 unique classes, each with their unique loadout of deadly weapons and abilities that will help you win the game.

Every match, a new strategy.

Every game, new emotions.
Drive your way. Win your way

Win with style

Sign sponsorship contracts and level up your favorite classes to unlock different skins, paint jobs, and more. Golden weapons? White speed stripes? Why not both?

Own your style. Own your Rivals.

Keep ’em looking.

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Walkthrough video

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Strikes in Moon's northern mines cause a spike in 3He prices
Niko Kirch leaves Io stadium surrounded by fans impressed with its performance in the Rivals Jovian semifinals
▲0.75% Lumniscata Enterprises
▲1.36% IOHR Sweet & Gums
▼3.47% Sigben Corporation
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